mercredi 17 juin 2015

MTG Chandra's Origin.

A glimpse at the assignment text for the illustration. 

Art director : Mark Winters. 
Location: A busy street on Kaladesh.
Action: We see YOUNG CHANDRA (see p. XX, but she does NOT have that steaming metal pack on her back) making her escape through the streets of Kaladesh, pursued by 2 or 3 soldiers (see [Kaladesh Captain], Art ID # XXX, for the look of the soldiers). 
Behind the soldiers we see CAPTAIN BARAL—the same person shown on p. XX (labelled “Executioner” in the Art Guide), except he has his helmet off. BARAL is tall, broad-chested and handsome, of mixed Caucasian/Indian ethnicity. He looks cool as a cucumber, and has blue highlights to his uniform.
Chandra runs toward us, maybe peeking behind her to glance at her pursuers. She’s a tough kid—she’s been in trouble many times before—so she’s not panicked, just focused on getting out of there fast. 
Focus: The focus should be on Chandra making her escape.
Mood: “Ah, crap. Those guys are going to have my head if they catch me – time to scram.”